Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free $100 Facebook Ads Credits - Just add the Visa Business App

Just read an article in Mashable that Visa Partnered with Facebook to offer small business owners who sign up with them with $100 in facebook ad credits, so I figured "hey, let's see if this actually works?"... So I added the VISA app - and who knew, but I received an email from facebook telling me how to get my coupon! Sweet!

The question is, what do you do with $100 in facebook credits?

First off, I've been playing around with facebook ads for a little while. First thing I did was watch what everyone else is putting on facebook ads, and seeing what lasts. The rule of thumb about advertising - even in new markets, is that advertising that's working continues runnning. Not always true, but you need deep pockets if it's not working!

Unfortunately, in my demo, the most common facebook ad is a dating one. So I tried seeing what the response for a dating ad would be - using an affiliate program. Facebook nixed it, so I didn't bother trying to get it approved again.

I tried a financial one, which unofficially has been getting no clicks, but I am getting credit for leads coming in, so I assume it works - which is nice not to get charged for clicks and still get them

That's been a little of an aside. It seems that the goal of the visa / facebook partnership is to push the platform as one that is optimal for small businesses to use. That being said, it sparked my imagination, and I plan on putting one of my business offers on a facebook page, and then advertising that facebook page...

Thanks for the $100 bucks guys - I do plan to use it :)

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