Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Persuasion Architecture - Better than Behavioral Targeting?

Mark Walsh summarized an interesting webinar hosted by Google and Future Now, Inc. Cofounder, Bryan Eisenberg titled 'Marketers Must Focus On Site's 'Persuasion Architecture'.

Heres the important points in the article:

1 - The four types of website visitors and how they interact with a site... The four types are:
competitive, spontaneous, methodical and humanistic. Each of these interacts with the site in a different way, and wants different features.

2 - "Mazlows' Hierarchy of needs for websites", where the basics are a functioning site up to meeting the customers fears desires and needs.

I love Bryan Eisenberg's stuff. He's one of the only people to systematically look at conversion optimization - and publish. If you didn't yet, you probably want to get his book, "Call To Action".

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