Thursday, March 27, 2008

Add Reachlocal to the Local Search Providers that SMB's Hate?

This is a continuation on the Yodle experiences post... We're trying to figure out how well the local search companies perform.

I had an interesting meeting with a client. She burned through two different PPC providers, and is currently being screwed by an SEO firm doing the "top 10 on an insignificant keyword" crap. She wants a company that specializes in SEO for criminal law firms. Anyway, dealing with that is a sales skill :)

She asked me if I outsource any of my work. I told that depending on the type of project I do outsource. I gave the example of clients that have too small a budget - where I give them out to local search companies - like Yodle or ReachlocalThe thing was that she had used reachlocal - and wasn't very happy with them. She'd dumped them 6 months ago.

She is a lawyer - running solo, and she had been getting phone calls for things that she doesn't do. This quite sad, as from what I see, the concept of Yodle and Reachlocal, and they should be good. Maybe because they undersell their products, they can't give individual attention (or they are hiring incompetents).

I noticed with Yodle as well, that they missed a whole category of keywords for accounting - CPA keywords. That is simply unacceptable. I shouldn't be having to fix that for them.

These things shouldn't happen in companies focused on Paid and Natural search. Not if they are assisting (supposedly) thousands of clients.

I'm very disappointed in them. They should do better, and I really wish I could outsource smaller clients to them, and allow people who can't afford $3,000+ a month to advertise online. Meanwhile, I think I'll be sticking to doing the dirty work myself. :(

For the sake of my sanity, someone please share with me a positive story? I want a good company to give smaller clients to, and feel good about it.

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