Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time To DISS... Everythings game - even my Mom. (Not!)

Prologue: Up until two minutes ago, I always felt bad when verbally dissing someone online - like you would feel when dissing someone in person. Guilt, even though it's alot of fun. But I've decided to test a new strategy.

Now we're going to test and see:

a) how do people take it, when it's being done for fun
b) how much more notoriety will it gain, and can it draw in more viewers
c) (assuming more people keep on coming back), is the extra notoriety worth the people it pisses off

Be aware, the goal is not to post random vulgarities, the idea is to take people's arguments, rip them apart, and make them feel stupid, then (maybe) diss their background...

This is really a personal experiment to see if "my evil personality" is as evil as I think it is!

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