Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Spam - The Pay For Spam Model!

Someone emailed me via my "contact me" form on my blog telling me about a site that gets "100's of visitors" with no problem with fraud... Haha, that's spam...

So I checked the website (removing the affiliate link)... and they promise:

"WideCircles is one of a kind internet viral marketing delivery platform that avoids the issues related to pay per click fraud. Our publishers form and convey the message about advertiser's product or service including a link to advertiser website on variety of highly related and visited forum, blog, classified ad and other types of websites. Publishers carefully analyze the rules and regulations of each website before posting their message there to see whether posting such message would be allowed and to ensure that posting is completely relevant to the target audience."

Yeah right "relevant". Hey, at least us honest joe's can farm out the dirty side of SEO to others.

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