Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Microsoft tracking more factors that lead to the sale?

Mashable has an interesting post today that Microsoft is starting to Track Engagement in Online Advertising. It seems that Microsoft is aggressively hitting the online arena, and trying to compete with Google.

Since they've rolled out their own paid and organic search engine in (I think) 2005, they've been aggressively matching (and trying to beat Google) at the search game. They've built an impressive suite of tools for search marketers, introduced a free analytics tool to compete with Google analytics, and have now introduced the tracking of sales conversions in search to rich media...

I have issues with that whole concept, as you can see at cocomment, but on the whole Microsoft has alot of interesting stuff.

Poor Yahoo has been left out of the mix, as they have some great stuff too, including a search intent tool (which I admit that I haven't used much) released in 2005. They've released their smartads platform - which is behavioral targeting across their portals and (obviously) alot more...

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